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The Barber Shop Room is a replica of one of several late nineteenth-century bbshop02Martinez barbershops.  The family of Manual Dutra gave many items in the display to the Historical Society in 1985.  The Champion barber chair was brought around the Horn to Placerville, then on to Martinez in 1849.


Manual’s mother’s family had a boarding house, and when one of the residents, a barber, failed to pay his rent his grandmother claimed the chair, the footrest, and other items now on display: the mirror, razor strops, shaving mugs, razors,bbhop3 scissors, shaving brush, shoe brushes, and a hairbrush.  These items were donated by Melvin Dutra and Barbara LeFleur, and David Biles and volunteers restored the room. The ceiling is a reproduction of a period tin ceiling.


Also on display are several grooming tools once belonging to Harvey Harker, a barber and proprietor of the Martinez Hotel Barber Shop, located at 802 Main Street, ca. 1920-1939.  The strait razors belonged to John Hooper, and were used from 1917 through 1948 in a Ferry bbshop2Street barbershop. 


The pitcher and wash bowl belonged to Michael and Hanna Winslow, owners of Sunnyside Farms, now Golden Hills Park, and were donated by Ruth Winslow Jamison. The shaving stand and whetstone, dating from the 1890s, was used by Evi Osborne, and donated by Geneva Welch Stinson. 




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