Martinez Historical Society

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Our County room has displays and artifacts from Martinez’s rich history as the County Seat of Contra Costa County.


countybellThis Bell hung in the original Court House built in 1855-56, it's weight is around 500 pounds. It was cast by Rumsey and Co. of Seneca Falls, New York in early 1850's.




ccchouse02Picture of the original Court House built in 1855.







diningorgan19th Century Victorian Parlor amusements were important in the American home. To accommodate non-musical families, self playing and easy to play instruments were developed and priced for the less then wealthy: pump organs, player pianos, machines as melodeons, music boxes, gramophones, organettes and clarions. Shown here is a pump organ from the Raap Ranch. CA 1827. The grand parents of Florence Raap brought the organ to California by wagon. Gift of Compaglia-Marchi family.


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