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hollidayBeverly Holliday

Education was a top priority for the County’s early residents, especially those from the eastern U.S. Beverly Holliday, a schoolteacher from Illinois, came to California to look for gold. Not finding enough to live on, he became a logger working in the nearby Redwood Groves of Oakland and Moraga. By January of 1850, he was ready to return to teaching. He found a teaching job at the Martinez Seminary for $75.00 a month. This salary was quite high for the time because 13 years later salaries for male teachers in Contra Costa ranged from $45 - $75 per month while female teachers earned $35 - $62. Holliday started with a class of 6 pupils. Within 6 months there were more then 20 students. He taught reading, writing, arithmetic. Later Mr. Holliday served as coroner and Justice of Peace. Holliday and John Livingston owned the land on which this cemetery was placed.